Radially - pie menu editor for 3ds Max (2015 - 2024)

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Radially is a plugin for 3ds Max that lets you add any actions to a so-called pie menu which you can assign to a certain keyboard shortcut. You can call any 3ds Max actions simply by pressing a shortcut, hovering desired action with your cursor, and then letting go shortcut keys. Very fast and with no mouse clicks!

Pie menus can contain up to 14 items, so you would need only one keyboard shortcut - for the menu itself, instead of 14, each one for an individual action.

Radially does not require any programming skills. With Radially - you can keep it quick and simple!


  • Create your own pie menus with any 3ds Max actions for use in 3d editor window
  • Assign actions from other plugins to pie menu buttons
  • Attach your MacroScript to a pie menu button (if you have your script present in "Customize User Interface" menu)
  • Up to 14 actions per pie menu
  • Assign pie menu to a shortcut through standard 3ds Max shortcut settings
  • Share your settings with other users


1. Put Radially.gup file for your version of 3ds Max inside the Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 20**\Plugins directory.

2. Run 3ds Max, enter your activation code in the [Radially -> Activation] menu.


I provided a simple video that'll help you understand how the plugin works.

Shortcuts can be configured in 3ds Max shortcuts settings, your pie menu actions are under group "Main UI" and under a category "Radially" (see screenshots and video).

To share your settings with other users simply send them your profile file that is located at C:\Users\*USER*\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\20** - 64bit\Radially\profile. They need to move it into their profile directory. Your shortcuts are not stored in the Radially profile file.

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Radially - pie menu editor for 3ds Max (2015 - 2024)

14 ratings
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